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Slogan: We worked by your business

With this concept Fuentes Fernandez Consulting began in 1989 like a consultant specialized in advising for companies, independent and particular.

We are specialistic in creation and consolidation of companies, strategic plans and economic studies. Our departments of public prosecutor, labor and countable provide a permanent advising and a continued pursuit.

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Our experience
More than 15 years of know-how.

Our motivation
We became jumbled in the development of the business of the companies that trust us, taking as it bases the professionalism and confidentiality that our company maintains of more than 15 years of trajectory in Galicia.

Our philosophy
We care of each new client with the same dedication and effort that first, adding our experience and supported by a dynamic team with permanent update.

c/ Tablada, 8 - bajo
Telf.: 902 026 693 - Fax: 986 860 231
Calle B, 45 1° - 36500 LALÍN (Pontevedra)
Telfs.: 986 782 034 / 986 783 682
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